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You get home from a long day at work and turn on the TV. It’s been a long week, so you think to yourself- maybe i’ll take the family to a movie on Saturday. Maybe we’ll even go on a vacation soon! We could visit museums and go to plays and see all sorts of fun attractions. 

When you turned the TV on, nothing happened. There are no actors to entertain you. 
When you went to the movie theater, nothing was showing. There were no advertisements to tell you that anything was showing, so you went to the theater to find out. Nothing playing. There is no one to film and create movies for you. Well at least your vacation will be fun, right? Not like there will be any plays to see and there won’t be anything in the art museums. 
Well at least you have the shack you are living in that you made out of cardboard and sheets.

Not like you could find an architect to build you a house with all the money you’re making as an engineer. 


as someone going into media production, this makes me really mad.

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These are all real tweets, made by people who honestly believe this.

What hurts most about reading these is the one person who claims “100% of child abuse is from men”. Hi, dumbass. I was mentally abused, humiliated in front of my peers and violated by a fucking WOMAN when I was eleven. She got away with all of it too.

You can’t begin to imagine how fucking furious it makes me when people will excuse the actions of female abusers like her just for the sake of stamping the entire male population as horrible people.

This hashtag was started by 4chan as a hoax: http://www.dailydot.com/lifestyle/4chan-end-fathers-day/. They also started the hashtags #FreeBleeding and #WhitesCantBeRaped a little while back. They make fake accounts and pose as feminist women to start these hashtags to make feminists look stupid. Especially, to make black women/black feminists look stupid and they get away with it because so many people are willing to buy into the stereotype of black women as “bitter” and “angry: 



That account @CisHate was definitely one of the spammer accounts and it has already been remade because Twitter removed it for being spam.

Was anyone really surprised when a study found that internet trolls are sadists, Machiavellianists, and psychopaths? I sure wasn’t.

Those three character flaws make up the ominous “Dark Tetrad of personality.” Sadism means delighting in the harm of others, psychopathy is an antisocial personality disorder, and Machiavellianism means a person’s tendency to be unemotional and deceitful. Trolls seem to have all three on lock.

Translation: If you’re an asshole who enjoys reveling in the suffering of others on the internet, it’s because you’re an asshole who revels ii the suffering of others in real life. Maybe you hide it from your family and friends, but deep down you’re a pathetic loser if trolling like this is something that you find fun and entertaining.

I could have told you that without a scientific study, but it’s nice to have science backing up common sense.





i’m going to need all these white female celebrities to stop bashing feminism and denouncing it just because they don’t have a clear understanding of what it actually is

, this is what I was referring to.

Oh god.
Seeing this, your post is gold.

Also I will never say Lana del Rey isn’t problematic. I love her music but it’s the closest thing I have to a guilty pleasure because she is just this.

"Feminism is booooring!" said the millionaire cishet white woman.

don’t know why someone tagged it “internalized misogyny” it has more to do with privilege unawareness than anything else tbh. 

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